The digital first supermarket with an omnichannel approach

Established in 1921, Jumbo is the second largest Dutch supermarket chain, boasting over 60,000 employees and approximately 600 stores in the Netherlands. Jumbo has grown significantly in the last few years following several acquisitions of leading Dutch brands, including La Place, C1000 and Emté. The company aims to become the online market leader in the Netherlands, where every customer’s expectation is met every day, everywhere - whether their journey is in-store or online.

Challenge & Solution
To fulfil Jumbo’s goal, re-development and improvement of the current Intershop eCommerce platform was essential. To do this, Jumbo launched the Jumbo Technical Campus (JTC) in 2018, where over 100 in-house experts work daily to improve Jumbo’s digital applications. These experts develop B2B, B2C and mobile platforms, responsive web design, loyalty programs, and order management systems (OMS). Furthermore, the site architecture is in a constant state of development, with a strong focus on emerging eCommerce trends, such as microservices and online marketplaces.

Additionally, the Informatica PIM system was implemented to feed Jumbo’s Intershop eCommerce platform with up-to-date product information. A dedicated team of Wunderman Thompson Commerce and Jumbo PIM experts work closely together to enrich the product data, so it can be easily used across all channels.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce Netherlands proved itself as a strong eCommerce partner by supporting Jumbo in the execution of their eCommerce and PIM/MDM practice. To maintain a powerful team dynamic and ensure the knowledge between the eCommerce experts is consistently high, we work with an offshore model in which developers in India regularly visit the JTC to offer advice. Although the number of teams working in the JTC has grown significantly - a challenge in itself - the team’s productivity and moral has been steered in the right direction using the offshore model. This has resulted in a stable and strong partnership between the Jumbo and Wunderman Thompson Commerce's Netherlands teams.

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Jumbo is a typical Dutch supermarket chain with an omnichannel mindset. Our ambition is to become online market leader.

Jurgen van Riel

ICT Manager Online at Jumbo Supermarkten

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