Improved sales process through AN integrated sales environment

NS is the largest railway company in the Netherlands, transporting over 1.2m travellers every day. This requires a considerable amount of work such as providing up-to-date travel information, managing digital payment systems and the public transport card (OV-chipkaart) as well as meeting travellers’ needs.

NS aims to provide an easy, safe, fast and payable way of travelling and to make customer destinations accessible in a sustainable environment.

Based on the goals and ambitions of NS, we launched a definition and development phase in 2014 for a central eCommerce solution, with strong focus on:

  • Simplifying the management process for the marketing department to increase the flexibility of product and content management
  • Increasing revenue by improving customer interaction and quick and easy creation of new combi-products
  • Focus on cross- and upsell
  • Creating an integrated sales environment that is easy to use by both customers and administrators
  • Offering a self-service environment in which the customer can specify their preferences

NS has a complex system landscape and product architecture. One of the biggest challenges was to ensure the flexibility of the various configuration options, such as the huge number of travel and delivery features. In mid-2014 we started the implementation of a new Intershop 7.4 platform on which the NS operates with existing SAP-back office systems such as Finance, CRM, Data Warehouse and the CMS-system. The tickets and outstanding prepaid coupons that entitle customers to specific products, were also migrated to the new eCommerce platform.

In April 2017 the eCommerce platform was migrated to Intershop 7.7 to be ready for the higher volume visitors and interactions of the future.

A team of our eCommerce specialists works at the NS office in Utrecht in order to ensure a smooth collaboration between supplier and customer, working in twice weekly sprints. Through efficient collaboration, we were able to replace the existing e-ticket application. As a result, the e-tickets can now be purchased on the new Intershop eCommerce platform which features:

  • A renewed user friendly site with 100% responsive design.
  • Extensive configuration options for products and content.
  • Self-service options which allow customers to edit their personal information.
  • Powerful back-office functionalities for the customer service department, and flexibility for products, prices and websites.
  • Easy, efficient content management.
  • Analytics and reports via standard reporting tools.
  • Better customer service that allows questions to be answered more efficiently.

After the first delivery the assembled Scrum team worked together on the extension of the eCommerce platform. Since then the product has expanded with promotions, assembled propositions and links to the new ‘Reisplanner app’ of Intershop. This makes it possible to order the e-tickets and to collect them via a mobile device.

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