PLUS Retail is a cooperation of 221 independent entrepreneurs and with 262 stores across the entire country of the Netherlands. The last three years in a row PLUS Retail is awarded for being best supermarket in corporate social responsibility. They also pronounced their ambition to serve good food for everybody, every day.

PLUS Retail wanted to create a web platform to offer their clients both inspirational and informational content with the ultimate goal being to place an online order. In the first instance, an online platform for mobile and desktop was launched. It delivered an inspired experience for customers whilst they do their groceries. In addition the organisation sought to stimulate the ecommerce activities of 90 existing webshops in their local marketplace.

In 2013-2014 Salmon (formerly Eperium) started to build a new web platform based on the traditional ‘waterfall’ strategy. To promote flexibility the team started to work according to the Scrum Agile methodology as of late 2015. Using this method, the team worked in 2-weekly sprints. To realise these sprints, the team of Salmon India came to Utrecht for team-building and to promote the cooperation between both Salmon and PLUS Retail. This yielded clear benefits, and has fostered a strong team collaboration among experts that continues today. Both parties still invest in their knowledge helping us to build on our achievements every day.

PLUS Retail operates ecommerce from 240 different locations. Mid 2016 saw PLUS Retail launch a mobile application in which Salmon contributed to the development of the API’s. These API’s ensure that the app and the orderpick application, which was launched at the same time, can communicate with the webshop and show realtime data at all time.

PLUS Retail offers unique services to their customers, such as the PLUS Express Services. With the PLUS Express Services the customer gets groceries delivered within two hours. To achieve this, a strong ecommerce platform is needed.

In 2017 PLUS Retail set itself the goal to develop itself as a omnichannel player. In supporting this ambition, the ecommerce platform plays an important role in the digital landscape that PLUS Retail is developing.

Salmon has proven itself as a strong partner, and one that is forward thinking in reaching ‘the next step’ in platform development. With its leading knowledge in food retail, further advances will be made in the coming years.

Within PLUS Retail, ecommerce and the development of the ecommerce platform is an ongoing process. We were looking for an Intershop implementation partner which fits our organisation in terms of size and corporate identity.

Tamara Smith-Zonneveld

Online / Ecommerce Manager at PLUS Retail

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