helping Sainsbury's deliver ITS MULTICHANNEL VISION

Sainsbury’s annual online grocery sales was already in excess of £1 billion when it decided to grow a multichannel offering for its customers spanning store, web, mobile and tablet. Based on annual revenue, this made it the largest grocery re-platform programme in the world.

The new platform we created provides Sainsbury's customers with a truly connected experience, with data shared across instore, online and mobile channels. This helps the retailer to understand what customers are buying and when, so it can tailor offers and rewards unique to individuals. All this supports Sainsbury's commitment to great service and outstanding products.

Customer experience improvements included better navigation, multiple simultaneous promotions, vastly improved browsing with great imagery and video, mobile optimisation, click-and- collect trials, the facility to add recipe ingredients to the trolley, data-driven merchandising allowing more personalised offers, delivery slot booking, instore support tools, integration into 225 stores across the UK and a comprehensive business data reporting function. Phew!

To achieve this, we worked closely with Sainsbury’s to re-platform its ecommerce solution to IBM WebSphere Commerce as well as a further 8 systems – all whilst minimising disruption. It involved moving 8 million customer accounts, 4 million credit cards and 12 million orders – and it was judged a resounding success.

It's taken Sainsbury's 14 years to reach £1bn annual sales online and this new platform gives us the capacity to double this. Wunderman Thompson Commerce has been a key partner in helping us transform our digital offer, managing the overall programme and more than ten third parties. Customers can look forward to some exciting developments!

Jon Rudoe

Digital and Technology Director, Sainsbury's

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