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Only Selfridges has been named Best Department Store in the World three times. In 2010 it set out to ‘surprise, amaze and amuse’ its customers by creating a complete multichannel proposition.

Salmon delivered the store’s first transactional website that year and redesigned it in 2013 to future-proof the multichannel digital offer, align the brand and modernise the site. Priorities included a focus on high-end products, an adaptive design, an improved click-and-collect function and a brand new mobile site. In 2014 we introduced a new search tool and an improved checkout process and in 2015 an enhanced Wonder Room and product personalisation.

Selfridges has recently confirmed that multichannel selling is underpinning its performance improvements in sales and operating profits. The digital platforms Salmon created are helping attract over 80 million visits a year. Online sales year-on- year via have increased in line with targets, and site search and navigation enhancements have increased the number of visitors reaching product pages by 11%. International customers are benefiting from greater convenience, luxury brand sales have increased and a new app has enhanced assisted sales instore.

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The luxury sector is leading the way in digital commerce. Yet the leading luxury retailers haven’t rushed into digital technology investment. Selfridges is a great example. Instead, this stellar brand has planned and designed its digital offering to match its demographic - and it’s done this exceedingly well, embracing digital technology with an established, mobile-optimised ecommerce offering; with plans to offer a more engaged experience via a dedicated mobile app.

Nigel Atkinson

Head of Business Development at Salmon

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