Sligro is the largest B2B retailer of food products in the Netherlands, and aims to be recognised as the number one online shop in the food and grocery retail industry. Increasingly it sees UX experience as its top priority.

To ensure the customer proceeds directly to the final stage of the customer journey (making a transaction), 100% transparency married to a personalised eCommerce environment is required.

The co-operation between Wunderman Thompson Commerce (WTC) and Sligro has now entered a phase where customer insight fully drives optimisation of their website. These insights about Sligro’s customers are obtained from customer data, customer panels, and usability testing. Sligros aim to increasingly optimise the eCommerce platform by responding to the customer’s ever changing needs and demands.

The Challenge
The main goal of this project was to replace Sligro’s older and out-dated ordering system for a personalised, scalable and transparent eCommerce platform. All customers based in the Netherlands and Belgium will be supported by a stable and high performance eCommerce platform. The other aim of this project was to make the ordering process as fast and simple as possible. Sligro wanted to ensure its customers can place orders on all devices with little or no effort. In short, the complete customer journey, up to the point of distribution, should occur seamlessly in Sligro Food Group’s entire website.

During the implementation of the new platform, various quality standards have been built in. In both the process for development and testing, tooling is used - for performance, optimisation, code quality and regression test automation.

Sligro and WTC are also collaborating closely to migrate Sligro’s customers from the old ordering system, Slimis, to the new platform to keep it stable during peak trading events (such as Christmas and Easter). As Sligro’s new eCommerce environment - built on IBM WebSphere - consists of numerous custom features, there was an extra level of complexity during regression testing and general system maintenance.

The Results
Various existing functionalities have been built and new features added to the new IBM WebSphere platform. And over 80% of Sligro’s customers have now been transferred to the new order system built on this platform. By adding these features, Sligro is now able to set up and influence its own B2B platform, with its own prices, based on the preferences and demands of the user. This personalised eCommerce environment is based on customer segmentation and lists, which have given conversion a considerable boost.

So far, Wunderman Thompson Commerce has delivered 100% of what Sligro asked for, and continues with a continuous delivery model. This means that new code is injected into the live website every other week, ensuring the website is kept up-to-date and optimised. Not only does WTC consult at an operational and technical level, but also inputs at a commercial level. One of the next steps is to develop a business plan through to 2020, which would see the evolution of Sligro’s omnichannel strategy.

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The customer focus of Wunderman Thompson Commerce and their professional and agile approach in consultancy has transformed our relationship into a true partnership in which they advise and inspire us on a commercial level.

Erik Van Der Pasch

Manager CRM & Ebusiness at Sligro

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