Xerox is the global leader in document management and document outsourcing. Xerox US enlisted Salmon Netherlands to upgrade its old version of Intershop ecommerce platform to the latest Intershop environment including 3 different webshops: Xerox E-store, Xerox Supplies and Xerox Document & Software.

Xerox wanted to improve their user experience in different phases of the customer journey. Achieving this meant making the webshop more accessible. Therefore, Xerox asked Salmon to brainstorm a responsive design development strategy that would help tailor their content on different devices and browsers to screen resolution. Ensuring the efficient use of white space without minimizing performance was another important issue which was taking into consideration. Xerox had an older version of Intershop and selected Salmon Netherlands to migrate this platform to the latest Intershop environment.

Salmon recommended Xerox to take a ‘mobile first’ approach and developed an accessible and user-friendly webshop. We developed and delivered a 3 webshops for Xerox, including Xerox E-store, Xerox Supplies and Xerox Document & Software services. We have successfully integrated the following third-party services to all the webshops: Vertex tax calculation and Xerox payment credit card service. For each webshop we developed custom features which make the webstore more accessible to users. In the end, we delivered all 3 webshops on the newest version of Intershop. Having ‘mobile first’ in mind we built a responsive webshop, implementing performance updates, optimising the site code and by removing unusable components for mobile phones.

As result, Salmon has developed a responsive webshop which offers customers and users an optimal experience. It displays the same content on every device, which helps Xerox to consistently convey its overall value proposition across different channels. The webshops can be fully managed from a single work environment. Overall Xerox has more than 5.000 products selling over the three webshops.

After Salmon Netherlands migrated the B2C stores from the old Intershop version to the new version, they help Xerox to further optimise and improve the different shops they have.

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