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​We come 2nd in Elite Rankings in The Drum’s Digital Census

​We come 2nd in Elite Rankings in The Drum’s Digital Census

eCommerce agency, Wunderman Thompson Commerce has come 2nd in the Drum Digital Census Elite category representing only 15 agencies who have performed consistently well across all three polls – financial, peer and client. Wunderman Thompson Commerce demonstrated they have not only performed well financially but also reached high standards of client satisfaction as well as earning respect from their peers.

Neil Stewart, CEO at Wunderman Thompson Commerce said: “Being ranked so highly in the elite category and 1st in the East of England regional tables is outstanding.” Stewart continued: “This demonstrates the quality of work our staff deliver and how highly our clients and peers regard us, a crucial measure of any agency’s success.”

In the Financial Poll Wunderman Thompson Commerce was 9th out of 40 agencies with 100+ staff. This ranking is based on three metrics: digital fee income, where Wunderman Thompson Commerce came 6th, plus digital fee growth 13th and Digital Fee income per head 12th.

In the Client Poll Wunderman Thompson Commerce was 15th out of 27 agencies and 9th out of 38 agencies in the Peer Poll.

About the Census: The Drum Digital Census provides a comprehensive review of the digital marketing agency landscape in the UK, highlighting the key players, trends and growth in this exciting sector. The research is conducted by The Drum in partnership with the Recommended Agency Register, and ranks UK digital marketing agencies across three main dimensions; financial performance, client satisfaction and peer recognition.

This year’s Census covers 200 digital agencies who are split according to their digital head count to provide a more accurate comparison of their performance. There are four main sections – featuring those with 100 or more, 51-99, 26-50 and 1-25 digital staff.