Press Release - Joanna Temple, May 6 2015

Wunderman Thompson Commerce partners with OneView Commerce

Wunderman Thompson Commerce partners with OneView Commerce

Global commerce service provider Wunderman Thompson Commerce today announced their partnership with OneView Commerce, the retail industry’s leader of digital transformation in the store. OneView’s Digital Store Platform optimizes cross-channel retail operations by capturing and delivering the high volume of data from every channel, including online and physical stores and making it actionable across the entire retail business including all customer touchpoints, to deliver a next-generation in-store shopping experience.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce create epic journeys for the world’s leading brands, helping customers to embrace digital change and undertake transformational ecommerce projects. The partnership will combine Wunderman Thompson Commerce's experience and expertise in delivering commerce solutions for some of the world’s leading retailers that generate more than £3 billion in sales each year with OneView’s technology platform; a solution which is bringing together the online and in-store experience for global retailers across 34 countries and thousands of physical stores.

Linda Palanza, COO at OneView said: “90% or more of total retail sales still happen in store and while sales in ecommerce and mobile channels have surged over the last decade they represent a small fraction of total retail sales and can often represent the highest percent of return for most retailers. Retailers who take a holistic view of all channels are effectively positioned to ensure a satisfying customer experience.”

Neil Stewart, CEO at Wunderman Thompson Commerce said: “Forward-thinking retailers are using the advances in ecommerce and mobile technologies to deliver new experiences and value to customers while in store and at the same time drive a whole new level of service and convenience across all channels. OneView’s innovative technology will transform how retailers interact with their customers and help them succeed over their competition.”

Retailers can now take the data from the store and make it actionable across all channels and the entire retail enterprise, resulting in a more satisfying shopping experience for the customer while increasing sales, reducing returns, increasing conversion, delivering better service and building stronger cross-channel loyalty.

OneView’s digital platform delivers One View of the retail landscape – a single view of customers, orders, inventory, pricing, loyalty and more across online and physical stores.

Launched earlier this year, OneView’s I Got It! – just one example of the company’s innovative offering - is the first interactive fitting room app that empowers customers to shop from within the dressing room. Shoppers can communicate with sales staff, browse styles, receive product recommendations, request merchandise, browse both online and in-store products, add to their basket, and request check out: Driving customer engagement, enabling sales optimization and customer service and capturing actionable product and conversation data for all retail channels.

About OneView Commerce

OneView Commerce delivers the first Digital Store Platform designed to enable sales-led store transformations that define successful cross-channel strategy in today’s digital reality. OneView combines standard functions such as checkout, line busting and end-to-end cross-channel solutions, on a digitally enabled store platform that captures and delivers content from every channel to and from the critical interaction point in-store. Content is driven to the store to ensure associates are empowered to engage and expand customer interaction while maximizing the selling power of the in-person experience. Integration with commerce platform, analytics, device management, workforce optimization, digital content delivery, and more enables vital store information to be delivered back across the channels, the enterprise or a retailer’s expanded network of suppliers, partners or manufacturers to immediately shape sales, business operations and the customer experience. E-Plus Gruppe, Discount Tire Corporation, J.R. Simplot, and O’Reilly Auto Parts are among the global retailers revolutionizing their store operations with OneView.