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Black Friday Update - Busiest shopping time

Black Friday Update - Busiest shopping time

In the second update of the day from Wunderman Thompson Commerce (the global ecommerce consultancy that predicted this year would be the dawn of the £5 billion ‘Black Fiveday’ week) here are the latest statistics on Black Friday from its analytics hub in the UK.

This shows data on traffic between 9am and 12pm today:

  • 53% of traffic is coming via mobile devices
  • 47% of traffic is coming via desktop devices
  • Traffic sessions between 09:00am and 12:00pm have been the highest of the day so far at 37% (compared to three hour periods between 0:00am and 09:00am)

Although mobile traffic has dropped as consumers switch to desktop as they arrive into work, it continues to dominate, backing Wunderman Thompson Commerce prediction that mobile will outstrip desktop traffic.

Look out for our update later today with the latest figures from Wunderman Thompson Commerce's Black Friday analytics hub!