Press Release - Craig Harper-Ashton, Dec 12 2012

Morrisons launches first transactional eCommerce site

Morrisons launches first transactional eCommerce site

Multi channel specialist, Wunderman Thompson Commerce, today announced that it has helped Morrisons to launch its first transactional eCommerce site,, which focuses on selling a comprehensive range of wines. offers customers a unique, personalised and enjoyable shopping experience, including:

  • An interactive Taste Test allowing customers to discover those wines most likely to suit their palate via three simple questions
  • The case builder tool gives customers the ability to build and keep track of a mixed case of wine
  • Integration with Facebook allowing customers to share information with their friends

The new site is built on the same infrastructure as, (part of the Morrisons family) using WebSphere Commerce, Coremetrics, Endeca and advanced content management functionality developed by Wunderman Thompson Commerce.

Since the site went live:

  • Repeat customers average 15%
  • All KPIs have been greatly exceeded – visitors, conversion and sales
  • Conversion is above expectation, due to the success of the taste test and the depth of the product range

Discussing Morrisons first venture into eCommerce, Scott Weavers-Wright, Kiddicare CEO and Kiddicare and General Merchandise Managing Director said; “This is the first step in Morrisons branded eCommerce and will enhance the overall wine offering for Morrisons. It will also provide valuable lessons on business processes and systems which will support the launch of other web sites and multi channel services. We knew that the underlying platform, WebSphere Commerce, and functionality would enable us to deliver the new site quickly and yet be scalable for the future.”

Ken Platt, Head of Multi Channel eCommerce Delivery for, added: “Morrisons has a late mover advantage. By creating a scalable platform, focussed on user experience, the rapid roll out of further categories is certain and promises to set apart from its competitors.”

Wunderman Thompson Commerce has provided a wide range of eCommerce services to design and implement the site and will provide 24/7 application support. Wunderman Thompson Commerce used innovative working practices and approaches which combined Morrisons’ deep understanding of wine and customer behaviour with Wunderman Thompson Commerce's extensive eCommerce expertise. These enabled Wunderman Thompson Commerce to deliver an innovative and functionally-rich site in a short period of time, which not only matched Morrisons business vision but also enhanced it.

Craig Harper-Ashton, Director of eCommerce at Wunderman Thompson Commerce said; “Wunderman Thompson Commerce played a key role in making a reality. We are delighted to see Morrisons realise the benefits of the new working practices adopted for this project.”

About Taste Test
A clever, interactive test to help guide consumers through the mystery of wine, the Taste Test is based on a scientific principle relating to the number of taste buds any one person possesses. Consumers will be asked three simple, non-wine related questions, the answers to which are then converted by a complex algorithm and a piece of clever technology to reveal a score and flavour profile. The four profiles are sweet (0-3), fresh (4-6), smooth (7-9), intense (10-12).

The entire range of Morrisons’ wines has been tasted by a six-strong team with calibrated palates and awarded a score against agreed criteria to enable it to fit within one of the four profiles. Red, whites, sparking and fortified have all been judged using the same scale so if a customer is a score 4 it is expected that wines within the fresh category of all colours will appeal to them.