Realising the power of digital in grocery

  • Provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience
  • Turn your data into knowledge
  • Deliver a personalised experience

In recent years the shopping experience across all retail sectors, from luxury to grocery, has changed dramatically. Of course there has been the impact of the shift to online, mobile and now social and even wearable buying, with the Centre for Retail Research stating that UK online retail sales will reach £52.25bn in 2015.

But moreover, the industry has been affected by the way digital has altered the actual behaviour, and thus the demands and requirements of customers. Consumers have become accustomed to the instantaneous, hyper-convenient nature of digital. This now spans their entire lives, from banking to education and healthcare.

Retailers are aware of both the potential benefits of digital in helping them reach consumers and therefore increase reach and, ultimately, sales. But there are also many challenges in realising this potential.

In this video, Tim Reay, Head of Grocery at Salmon, will discuss the ways in which the grocery market has changed. He will explore the trends currently dominating the sector, for example looking at the need to combine online and offline shopping behaviours to predict customers’ shopping needs. Finally, Tim will provide practical tips, advice and insights into what grocers can do to adapt to this evolving environment and ensure they truly maximise the revenue potential of digital.