Ada Ottenhoff

PIM Consultant, Netherlands

As a PIM consultant, I analyse PIM and mobile device management issues within an omnichannel environment and translate customer requirements into appropriate business solutions.

It’s great working at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, the number one ecommerce expert in the Netherlands. I like working with enthusiastic, highly motivated, skilled professionals. I’m always determined to reach the goals set and to satisfy the customer. I get a buzz out of helping customers with their ecommerce solution - a solution that best meets their business processes and which helps them to be more successful in their business. It’s always a challenge to interact and work together in a project team.

I think (and hope!) the next big thing in digital will be the self-propelled car. The intelligence of these cars could create a greener environment.

My 21st century problem is the huge amount of data that we receive on a daily basis. I don’t have enough time to filter all usable data and convert this into information.

If I could have a super-power it would be the ability to grow and develop my skills by years, but stay physically young, healthy and fit.

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