Akshay Kumar Meena

Head of Technology, India

As Technical Consultant, I work on pre-sales, supporting the PIM development team to resolve any technical issues, assisting them in matching PIM capabilities to each project and providing technical solutions for Intershop projects.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce is the first company that I have worked for since graduating from university and I’m looking forward to expanding my skills and knowledge here.

I think the next big thing in digital is going to be predictive analytics: during your shopping trip to the mall you’ll get live retail suggestions!

I don’t think I have a 21st Century problem; I like having technology to help me so I don’t see it as a problem!

If I could have a super-power I would like a super mind like Megamind/ Joker/ Lex Luther.
If I could have put something into Room 101, it would be Candy Crush.

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