Amit Gupta

Chief Executive Officer - India, India

As the Chief Executive Officer my role here is to drive capability development and innovation, facilitate global delivery and grow Wunderman Thompson Commerce's presence in India.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce's global presence and international culture was what attracted me to work here. Wunderman Thompson Commerce provides me with the opportunity to help my customers realise their global ecommerce dreams.

At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of thinking of the future. Ecommerce never ends and Wunderman Thompson Commerce's continuous focus on research and development inspires me.

I think the next big thing in digital will be Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. For seamless commerce, offline and online channels will need to provide a consistent experience in sales and service.

If I could have one super-power I would be able to deliver goods to my customers in less than a minute.

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