Avneet Mudhar

Data Analyst, UK - Watford

As part of the Digital Intelligence team I work as a Data Analyst. I enjoy being a Data Analyst at Wunderman Thompson Commerce as we work with our clients to analyse their ecommerce data with the aim of improving the online customer journey.

What initially attracted me to Wunderman Thompson Commerce is working for a company with amazing global clients. I am able to utilise, and build upon, my skills at Wunderman Thompson Commerce by working with such a diverse range of clients.

Since I’ve started at Wunderman Thompson Commerce every day has been different. I get into work with different goals and challenges and I’m ready to assist across multiple projects.

My 21st century problem is Siri saying “Hi Avneet, how are you today?” after my phone has been accidently pressed in my bag!

If I could have a super-power it would be teleportation and be able to get somewhere (such as work) immediately.

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