Carol Hill

Programme Manager, UK - Watford

My job involves supporting the delivery of Wunderman Thompson Commerce's Magento projects – this involves working with the customers and project managers to try to ensure consistency and quality across the projects whilst getting them delivered on time and to budget. I also establish close and trusted relationships with key project stakeholders.

I really like the ‘family feel’ of Wunderman Thompson Commerce. When I joined, there were only 70 people, but even as it’s grown, it is still a really friendly, supportive place to work. Everyone on the project teams want to create a high-quality product that really does meet the needs of the customer and is something both the customer and Wunderman Thompson Commerce can be proud of. Keeping the customer happy is a key part of my role and, whilst this can sometimes be challenging, it is an area of my job that really motivates me.

At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of customers seeing a demo of their website for the first time and being absolutely blown away with the result. Their delight at seeing how we’ve implemented their requirements into amazing functionality, customer experience and designs is something I always enjoy.

My 21st century problem is self-checkout in shops – when all you hear is ‘unidentified object in the bagging area’ – it’s so annoying and ends up taking you more time than the manned tills.

I would put beetroot in Room 101 – no-one should be subjected to the look, taste or smell of it : )

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