Chloe Cox

Commerce Consultant, UK - Watford

Chloe Cox is a Commerce Consultant at Wunderman Thompson Commerce. She has worked with iconic brands such as Nike, Tempur and Audi where she previously worked in the Digital Marketing team helping to manage web, editorial and social content. She delivers strategic and operational direction for retailers and brands to help them navigate current and future challenges and opportunities in a digital-first world.

She also takes an active role in promoting the agenda of women in commerce, a subject close to her heart. Chloe presented this topic to wide acclaim at the Commerce 2020 event, hosted by Google in London’s King’s Cross, in March 2018. It is a theme that she will continue to develop and commercialise for clients in the future.

In Chloe's own words: "At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of having the freedom to be creative and try out new and innovative ideas. If it works, then great! And if not..back to the drawing board. Additionally, I love being able to have the chance to work with so many different and amazing clients. Every day is different – and that’s what makes it so exciting! One day I could be helping to respond to a client RFP, the next, exploring and defining key trends in different sectors of the eCommerce industry."

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