Christopher Longman

Head of Digital Intelligence, UK - Watford

I help our clients make the most of their data in so they can achieve improvements that drive higher engagement, increased conversion and a greater customer experience. I bring a wide range of analytics and optimisation tools to bear for organisations in B2B, wholesale, luxury goods, grocery and general consumer markets. There’s IBM Tealeaf, SessionCam, Optimizely and Qubit as well as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics of course, and many more besides.

Why did I join Wunderman Thompson Commerce? Well, its position as a digital commerce leader was of huge appeal to me. So were the diverse and exciting brands the team supports. It’s great: I get a real buzz out helping of the world’s major brands develop industry-leading data solutions. A particular highlight for me was travelling to San Diego to present the fantastic work we had developed for DFS.

If I had a superpower it would be the ability to pause time – because there’s just not enough hours in the day! But as that’s unachievable,I’d argue for the Internet of Things. I reckon IoT is going to be the Next Big Thing digitally. As our lives get busier it makes sense to offload the mundane tasks that can be managed automatically.

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