Claudio Fuzek

IT Consultant, UK - Watford

At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I am an Italian-Hungarian Magento Certificated Developer. In my day to day practice I always want to make sure that the functional and security aspect of the site is guaranteed with the highest quality and reliability. I am very focused in my work and like to ensure that I meet my deadlines and work within the clients’ time frames, following ethical guidelines. The most important aspects of my work are to ensure that the company maintains a good reputation with the client and obviously to ensure that the client will be satisfied as well.

As a senior Italian programmer I have worked in several companies in my life. I came to the UK in 2015 November in order to improve my English and my professional skills.

When I first arrived at Wunderman Thompson Commerce I felt that this company had a good international culture which helped me considerably during the probation here in the UK. I felt that the company trusted me right from the beginning, and it has given me confidence to further my career in the UK. After I completed my first year at the company I can say that I am really happy. I feel that Wunderman Thompson Commerce respects who I am and also support my professional carrier as a programmer.

In terms of my 21st century gripes, well, I look around and realize in our world that the media we call social is a real danger for us if we can’t use it properly. When we open our computers another door closes.

All this technology what we have is just an illusion - we need to step away from this world and start to talk to one another, and reconnect.

We are becoming unsocial. It no longer satisfies us to look into someone’s eyes. Just one real connection is all, to show the difference that being there – or being ‘present’ - can make. I think this is my 21st-century problem.

As I am an Italian-Hungarian man, my relatives and friends are far away from me, so if I could have a super-power, I would teleport myself to see them when I wish.

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