Clive Harris

Chief Security Officer, UK - Watford

I’m Wunderman Thompson Commerce's Subject Matter Expert for all security related activities. For the day-to-day, that means performing vulnerability management activities, providing security incident management, promoting security best practice across Wunderman Thompson Commerce and providing support to all clients including review of penetration test and vulnerability scan reports.

When I joined in 2010 the entrepreneurial spirit, fun loving culture and fantastic array of clients were a significant attraction. Even today, after the considerable changes you would expect within a rapidly growing organization, the spirit and positive approach to new challenges continues.

I’m continually inspired by my capable and talented colleagues, always pushing new boundaries and achieving both the expected and unexpected.

Whether we like it or not, the Internet Of Things (IOT) is here to stay and we will experience an explosion in new technologies and gadgets that will benefit all of our home and work lives……considering security will remain a significant and important aspect.

Proliferation of data is my digital bugbear and concern. There will remain a lack of security and privacy design in new technologies and application software with companies battling to get new products out to market quickly. Most individuals simply do not understand the importance, and value, of their personal data.