Dennis Peek

Sales - New Business, Netherlands

My role here at Wunderman Thompson Commerce is to seek new business opportunities, turn leads into prospects and to persuade new clients to sign with Wunderman Thompson Commerce!

I chose to work for Wunderman Thompson Commerce so I could gain ecommerce experience and work with leading brands. Being part of a business that is shaping the way that we will shop in the future is enough reason to jump out of bed in the morning! At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of helping my clients become business leaders. My day-to-day goal is to help my clients expand their business.

I think the next big thing in digital will be about online experiences: the use of data to empower personalised content consumption, live, on-demand, augmented- and virtual-reality. Shoppers rely on expert opinions and want to be ensured that they purchase the most relevant, safest solution for the best prize. Experiencing products will help guide the consumer through the decision-making process.

My 21st-century problem is having every bit of information located under my thumb. Spending quality time with friends sometimes proves to be difficult as everyone is so preoccupied with their phones. I do love the locker charger solution at festivals and bars though!

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