Dwayne Manzano

Head of Commerce Data Management, UK - London

As Head of Commerce Data Management, I oversee the three sub-departments of Feed Management, BuyNow and Consultancy, with a team of product data specialists consisting of Developers, QAs, Project Managers and Account Managers. We work with clients and our partners to help our clients achieve their goals in the channels they're present in.

We constantly ensure that our solutions and technology continue to evolve, so that our clients have an omnichannel presence with reliable and optimised data. We collect information for over 60 million products every day across 650+ retailers globally, as well as streams of tracking data, and our growing team prides itself on the accuracy and quality of the solutions we deliver.

I transferred over to Wunderman Thompson Commerce from FusePump, one of the founding agencies of Wunderman Thompson Commerce and a former WPP agency. I was leading the delivery of all FusePump services in an almost de facto COO role. I supported the amalgamation of FusePump with the wider group.

I've been working closely, therefore, with the Wunderman Thompson Commerce team for the past 18 months and have been blown away by the professionalism, openness and expertise within the group. There's a real closeness with the group and a shared determination to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. I hope to spend many more years trying to drive success within the group.

I get a buzz out of the end process of delivering a solution, from understanding the problem, ideating for a solution, iterating around the development process to continually drive and deliver value. I also really enjoy building client relationships and ensuring clients are happy.

My 21st Century problem currently resolves around the Google Home Mini we bought ourselves, and the endless times I have to say "Ok Google..." and have it not understand because my phrasing didn't quite match what it expected.

My super-power would definitely be time travel and time manipulation. There's so many points in time I'd like to visit. It might also be useful to enter a meeting knowing how it could end and how to extract the most value from it.