Evelien Mulder

Digital Marketeer, Netherlands

As Digital Marketeer at Wunderman Thompson Commerce I’m part of both the Marketing and CX team. Within the marketing team I am responsible for SEA, SEO, marketing automation, online content and paid social media. Within the CX team I am responsible for helping our customers with their Google Analytics, personalisation and optimisation programs.

What attracted me to work at Wunderman Thompson Commerce is the atmosphere within the company. WTC is part of an international network, but it really feels like a warm family. Everybody is enthusiastic and motivated, which gives me an energy boost every day. It’s fun, interesting and motivating to see how we inspire growth for our clients together. I also get a big boost seeing my hard work pay off. Positive results have a positive impact on me.

My 21st-century problem is having too many choices! Every time I look for information or a tutorial there are so many choices. It’s difficult to decide which one will have the specific information that I’m looking for and would be worth my time.

If I could have one super-power it would be teleportation. I love to travel and explore. It would be perfect for me. It would also get rid of the long waiting time at airports.

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