Gareth Elms

Consultant, UK - Watford

I am a consultant here at Wunderman Thompson Commerce and in simple terms my job is to work with our clients to produce a great ecommerce experience for their customers. Our ultimate aim is to maximise digital traffic, grow online sales and ensure their digital brand is inspiring.

On a day-to-day basis, I am part of a project team; I start at ‘Discovery’ (the concept) and then help the client move forward with those initial ideas and turn them into reality – be it a fully responsive ecommerce site, mobile app or new feature. I act as a bridge between the client’s project team and Wunderman Thompson Commerce's development team, ensuring that quality and the client’s needs are met.

What attracted me to working at Wunderman Thompson Commerce is the company culture – it’s non-hierarchical, relaxed with high value placed on talent and expertise. I get a buzz out of the variety of work at Wunderman Thompson Commerce; every day is different. Sometimes I’m at the client’s site, sometimes at the Watford office and sometime at our central London base. It all depends on meetings, phase of projects and priorities.

A year ago I would have said the next big thing in digital was Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality but based on recent events, the world is getting a lot harder to predict! I think we are in a climate where small ideas quickly gain currency and become mainstream – look at Snapchat! I’m a big admirer of Elon Musk, who is not only just coming up with innovative ideas, but is driving them forward into actuality. I think the next big thing will be Neurotechnology (see Musk’s latest company), where technology will be gradually integrated with the brain to make humans smarter.

If I could have a super-power, it would be the ability to time travel - this would be great. The temptation to lay a few one-way bets would be too high though.