Hugh Fletcher

Head of Thought Leadership (EMEA) and UK Marketing, UK - Watford

With close to 12 years of client-side experience, my job is to bring this perspective to help our clients plan strategically, to prepare and implement digital change, and to help them ensure their business is ready for the future.

I got to know Wunderman Thompson Commerce as their client in my role at Audi. Over the course of our 4 year relationship I saw the skills, the delivery and the potential of Wunderman Thompson Commerce. I wanted to challenge myself to see how I could help build Wunderman Thompson Commerce's future, and to see how I could help other client businesses with the experience that I had gained during my time client-side.

Now part of Wunderman Thompson Commerce, I’m inspired by learning about new businesses, new sectors and new industries, and working out how my strategic expertise can help clients improve their businesses digitally.

As for what’s next in digital, apart from the obvious advances of IoT, programmatic commerce and mixed reality, I’ve also been told to keep my eyes out for the rise of anti-drone technology. With more people – from the MoD to Amazon to individuals – using drones, there will be more need to protect airspace. That might be personal airspace (above your house and garden) or strategic airspace (for instance above Government buildings). Whatever is being protected, it’s likely that automated drones will play some part in defending this airspace. So be prepared to see drone battles in the sky in the not too distant future.

If I could have one super-power, it would probably be the ability to recharge my batteries super-fast. I have two young kids, and lots of work to do, which means that I need my sleep. But as most people know, getting sleep with two young kids can be a challenge. If there was some way of plugging in, powering up, and being ready to go again in a couple of hours (rather than getting 7 hours of interrupted sleep) that would make me super-efficient!

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