Joe Robinson

VP Data Engineering, USA - Seattle

I have spent many enjoyable years at Wunderman Thompson Commerce in London, looking after commercial business operations for our Hybris practice and also building our global commerce-focused partnership community.

I am now based in Seattle, tasked with developing our Wunderman Thompson Commerce Data Engineering business across the US, in conjunction with the thriving local hub of WPP agencies in Seattle operating under the Wunderman umbrella.

Data Engineering is the art of creating systems that can smartly route, persist and enable low latency operations against large volumes of data, using strategies that help businesses make good decisions about operational complexity and cost. It is intensely fascinating work that we do for our clients and our team is second to none. I am insanely proud of the team and their ability to focus on always getting the job done right, first time, every time.

More and more of our clients are waking up to the impact of the avalanche of data being created in an increasingly digital world, and my job is to help them understand how to generate maximum business benefit from it.

Which super-power would I like? Hmm. Tricky. As an avid motorbike rider I’m torn between choosing either weather control, or the power to eat and drink whatever I like without losing my super-svelte professional-athlete racing-snake body!