Lisa O’Brien

Executive Assistant to CEO, UK - Watford

My role is to provide Executive Assistant support to the CEO and the Executive team, and daily that is very varied and interesting! I am also trying to take the lead in developing and improving administrative policies and working practices.

What drew me to Wunderman Thompson Commerce was the opportunity to work within a market leading technology company and, having looked into ecommerce extensively in my last company, I knew that it was a key market to be involved in. The role itself also felt like a good fit, with my past skill-set and industry background.

At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of the clients that we work with and the drive forward to continue innovating and exciting those customers.

I think the next big thing digitally will be the ability for your home to ‘think’ for you. It’s only going to get more intuitive and advanced. We have technology that can help us to add to shopping lists and then order just through ‘voice’ communication and other products that are going to help make everyday home life easier and more ‘fluid’.

If I had a superpower, I would want to stop time… if it’s to allow me more time to get things done, stop my children from getting too big too quick, or sometimes just to get more sleep!

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