Maarten Baas

Ecommerce Consultant, Netherlands

My role here at Wunderman Thompson Commerce is to assist customers in their quest to optimise their ecommerce businesses in the most efficient way.

I chose to work here, as it is a leading company in the rapidly growing field of ecommerce. I also like the young, dynamic energy of the team and the renovated farmhouse building we used to work from. I get a buzz out of working with such highly motivated and skilled professionals in a well designed working environment

I think the next big things in digital will be…

Virtual Reality - better quality and cheaper devices will hit the market soon creating a push in the development of its features

Shared economy – instead of owning a product we will start to rent them when we need them from either neighbours or businesses. Our internet will need to expand to encompass this marketplace

Energy revolution – the use of wind and solar energy will increase exponentially and disrupt the energy market. Individual households will become little power plants sharing their over production locally. Electronic household appliances will all adapt and connect to these local energy sources. Many apps and websites will be created to manage and monitor all these devices.