Maarten van den Bosch

Service Manager, Netherlands

Together with my team, I’m responsible for our managed services. We make sure ecommerce applications are up, performing and maintained. We assist our clients in making proper use of their platform and for the environment as a whole, which includes anything from internet connectivity, the availability of the store front, networking, OS, application, database etc.

We provide the internal tooling for others to deliver as well, such as build and deployment, DTAP etc. One of the important developments we are working on - and are the experts in - is the transition and hosting in the cloud (AWS) and making use of its features.

I have always enjoyed IT. 10 years ago ecommerce was quite new for me and growing rapidly. Now I enjoy working in the dynamic environment of Wunderman Thompson Commerce and the innovative business that we are in. I get a real buzz out of our ‘get it done’ mentality and the possibilities of expanding my personal and professional horizon.

I think the next big thing in digital will be voice enabled/controlled solutions (in combination with AI and the IOT). It will become our new computing interface and will be more useful, powerful and omnipresent than our current smartphones. There will be no need to fetch your phone, unlock the screen, and open an app and type on those small keyboards. Just ask your digital assistant and he or she will fulfill your demands.

I was asked what super-power would I want but I don’t think I need super-powers! I will settle for winning the Crossfit Games. If I could put something into Room 101 it would be CAPTCHA – for some reason I am not human according to them.

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