Marco Flapper

Chapter Lead & Business Development Manager - Customer Experience (CX), Netherlands

I coordinate and run our CX chapter in the Netherlands. I work for, and pitch to, clients around our customer experience propositions – everything from developing multichannel strategies, design and development through to continuous optimisation of installed solutions, including content management and web analytics.
I’m representative at board level, and work closely with the board in Netherlands and India and the sales team to let our CX proposition grow.

Next to this I am the Product Owner for Sellsmart, which is an ecommerce B2B optimised solution based on Intershop.

I think IOT (the Internet of Things) will be the next big thing in digital. We are already seeing the effect in cars and what happens when the internet is available in every bike, refrigerator, lamp, switch, watch, toy and many other everyday items. I think it will bring so many opportunities that we haven’t even dreamt of…

Why did I choose to work at Wunderman Thompson Commerce? It’s all about dedication; I work with a professional team who are dedicated to ecommerce. Nothing gives me a greater feeling than working closely with the team to deliver a great solution to a complex and challenging project.

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