Marco Flapper

Director of Customer Experience & Data, EMEA, Netherlands

With more than 20 years of experience in eCommerce, I am able to support our customers with a wide range of eCommerce issues. In recent years, together with my team of specialists, I have focused on the realisation and optimisation of a perfect customer experience for the customer of our clients. In food, retail and B2B.

We do this based on the strategy of a company and translate this into specific cases that we can realise and experiment with. All this based on data driven development and we can substantiate everything we do based on this data. The combination of data, creativity and technology and using this to be commercially successful is something I work on every day.

Recently we have been able to realise cool things such as a personalised experience through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are also working on new interfaces such as speech-driven search engines. Great to see that we can effectively use all these new technologies for our customers.

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