Matt Ross

UX Consultant, UK - Watford

My role involves researching the user experience and utilising the findings to produce intuitive and pragmatic solutions.

I was attracted to Wunderman Thompson Commerce as it was a recognised brand in the digital agency market with a strong portfolio of clients. I saw this as an opportunity to gain exposure to a range of industries and establish myself within the UX industry.

I get a buzz out of seeing Wunderman Thompson Commerce expand and increasing its CX offerings. It’s also exciting having the chance to play a key role in international projects because this provides a challenging yet rewarding experience.

The next big thing in digital? Service Design appears to be building momentum in the industry and as a tool which maps out where a company needs to concentrate its effort, it holds real potential to be the next big thing in terms of Wunderman Thompson Commerce's growth strategy.

In terms of technology, instore self-service has proven to offer convenience and efficiency for both company and customer, particularly in grocery, therefore more and more organisations will want to benefit from these efficiencies.

As for my tech gripes, log-in forms are particularly irritating. In an age where the customer journey can be seamless, I believe in most cases, it should be seamless.

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