Nawal Houghton

In-House Legal Counsel, UK - Watford

As In-House Legal Counsel, my role here is to review all legal and contractual documents This broadly means everything from Non Disclosure Agreements, Partner and Referral Agreements with third parties such as software companies or payment gateway providers, through to Master Services Agreement with new Clients and Schedules of Work with new and existing clients. I also review terms and conditions for any RFP’s that Wunderman Thompson Commerce are bidding for and the potential Service Agreements that go along with this process. I am the ‘go-to’ person for legal enquiries and questions for our business.

What initially attracted me to Wunderman Thompson Commerce was that I was able to combine flexible working ( as a single mother of two little boys) with a desire to work for a leading and innovative business in the world of ecommerce. Wunderman Thompson Commerce offered all of these elements with the added advantage of having all the benefits of a London agency without being in London. Wunderman Thompson Commerce was the perfect fit. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce, I get a buzz out of successfully closing a Master Services Agreement with new clients or assisting with an RFP and finding out that we’ve won the business.

My Room 101 has to be asking people what they would put in Room 101 and my special power would be becoming invisible .. oh such fun to be had!

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