Nikki Eijpen

Marketplace Consultant, Netherlands

In my role as Consultant Marketplaces here at Wunderman Thompson Commerce I advise clients about their online marketplace strategy. I help them to find answers to questions such as ‘how do marketplaces fit in to our channel strategy?’, or ‘Which marketplaces should we sell on or should we set up our own marketplace instead?’. I also advise clients how to boost their sales on marketplaces and subsequently help them to transform their digital business to accomplish their goals.

What attracted me to working at Wunderman Thompson Commerce is the fact that I can apply my knowledge directly and combine it with the things I’d like to learn. In other words, Wunderman Thompson Commerce gives me the opportunity to add value with my experience and expertise, while I learn a lot from my colleagues at the same time. I get a buzz out of working with these great colleagues who are all ecommerce experts in their own specialisation. It’s the great teamwork that combines several areas of expertise and help our clients to grow their ecommerce business.

I think the next big thing in digital will be a standard of a 2-day worldwide delivery, allowing for global competition via various channels. With Amazon currently setting the new standard for a fast delivery, this 2-day worldwide delivery is definitely something we can’t ignore.

My 21st-century problem is that feeling when you’re using your phone to play music at a public event and a phone call comes in… really annoying!

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