Nils Kijkuit

Director Marketing & Sales, EMEA, Netherlands

As Head of Sales & Marketing I am, together with my colleagues, responsible for the marketing and sales of our services in the field of eCommerce, PXM ad CX. Of course I am also responsible for managing relationships with our customers in the Netherlands and abroad.

What attracted me to working for Wunderman Thompson Commerce was/is the positive attitude of the Wunderman Thompson Commerce people, the great atmosphere and being part of the premier league team. I get a buzz out of working with the professionals around me, and learning something new everyday.

I think the next big thing in digital will be ubiquitous and seamless commerce; everything will be connected and I as a consumer will get everything I need when I need it without a deliberate action.

My 21st-century problem is now that everything has become automated, work becomes an obsolete activity so we need to find a new purpose in life.

If I could put something into Room 101 it would be indifference and every word from Bulls**t bingo.

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