Nitish Agarwal

IBM Commerce Lead, India

I am a Senior Project Manager at Wunderman Thompson Commerce and my job is to manage Project Sligro sprints delivery, mentor and build the WCS platform team, lead the IT infrastructure team and manage staffing resources for Intershop Australia and USA accounts.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce is an established name in ecommerce and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to work for the company. It has a rich technological experience and customer base on WCS and Hybris Enterprise Suites is a platform that the team is really excited to learn, in order to contribute to the organisation’s growth.

During my six years here, I’ve had the privilege to work on many assignments and there have been some great highlights including building the new Intershop development team for the Netherlands office from the ground up, building the Linux admin team and running Windows admin team efficiently and being involved in pre-sales activity for APAC and Europe. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz when a new young talent joins the company because it not only gives me the opportunity to mentor them but also raises the bar for platform teams.

I think the next big thing is digital is going to be combining the capabilities of AI, data mining, IOT and the cloud which will lead to smarter systems. This would produce a system that is self-capable of accumulating and analysing, and can deduce inference from images, sound, location maps, networks etc. An example of this could be having a smart fridge with a HD camera, which can be linked to a smart car, this combination could tell you how many eggs you need whilst you’re driving to the store.

My 21st century problem is that ever changing technology keeps life happening at a brisk rate and we have to change pace to adapt to it. Excessive use of intelligent gadgets is dictating and controlling our lives. My biggest concern is my son growing up and he is not experiencing life as is but through virtual experiences ,which is why we ensure his life experiences are more interesting than gadgets.

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