Oriol Montalà Jordà

Security Architect, UK - Watford

I use my background in web application security, development and technical architecture to schedule security scans and perform manual security testing across all Wunderman Thompson Commerce projects, in markets extending from B2B and wholesale through to luxury and consumer goods as well as a number of other retail sectors, including grocery. I also investigate and help out on any current security issues.

My first role at Wunderman Thompson Commerce was as a Java developer. I could tell it was a nice place to work and a place where I could grow professionally. I was proven to be right! I’d wanted to develop experience in security and that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do. It’s great to take on so many challenges. There are plenty of clients and each one has different technologies and different circumstances. I can tackle these individually but also I enjoy finding ways to improve security processes in ways that can be of general benefit.

My 21st -century problem is perhaps easy to guess. We are so careless about information and it often seems everyone puts ease of use over security. They shouldn’t.

And my choice of super-power? Teleporting – although the ability to read and assimilate whatever I want in a matter of seconds is pretty tempting as well!

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