Patrick Munden

Chief Growth Officer, UK - Watford

The role of the marketing department I lead is to promote the great work Wunderman Thompson Commerce does for its clients across the world and to communicate our thought leadership in ecommerce to as wide an audience as possible. My team’s goal is to generate new business from both existing happy clients looking to grow even more and companies new to Wunderman Thompson Commerce who choose us to define, deliver and drive the world’s best ecommerce solutions.

This company is one of the fastest growing global commerce service providers and is at the cutting edge of its industry. I joined because it’s a story I want people to hear. I want them to know who we are and what we do for our clients.

I have some great people in my team. They’re professionals in digital marketing, content management, event planning and communications, and we bring our skills to bear across every part of our offer and in every market we serve.

Here at Wunderman Thompson Commerce we’ve coined the term Programmatic Commerce. I believe it will be the Next Big Thing in digital commerce. It describes the phenomenon of how consumers are delegating their purchase decisions to machines and digital assistants. It’s driven by the rise of connected devices and the Internet of Things and we see it as a fundamental opportunity for brand owners – especially in consumer packaged goods.

Programmatic Commerce is just one of the exciting, innovative and successful commerce and digital approaches we develop here at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, and I’m always eager to tell the world about them!

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