Pauline Keizer

Marketing, Communications & Events, Netherlands

My role is to think about how we communicate the new company internally and externally, write and collect content for our new website and get to know the new Wunderman Thompson Commerce systems such as Salesforce, IBM, Marketingcloud and Django CMS.

In the future I will be focusing more on email marketing, personalised content and events. Working together with an international marketing team is a nice challenge for me!

What attracted me to Wunderman Thompson Commerce is the versatility of my role including internal branding, organising exciting events for our clients, writing web content. I don’t just sit behind a desk in this job, I’m in contact daily with our clients and suppliers too. I get a buzz out of completing a task before the deadline and how my enthusiastic colleagues help me to achieve this.

My 21st century challenge is being able to travel so easily. It makes me eager to travel all the time! If I could have a super-power I would like to be able to read people’s minds or create a limitless bank account so I can travel across the world.

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