Piers Chapple

Programme Manager, Australia

As Programme Manager, my role is to ensure all projects are running on time and within budget, help customers structure new initiatives and projects, and make sure the team is keeping Jira and Tempo up-to-date.

I have worked for Wunderman Thompson Commerce previously, so I knew that when I came back I would be working for a great ecommerce consultancy with a real focus on getting the right outcome for the customer. With WPP behind us, and a growing list of premium customers, Wunderman Thompson Commerce is an exciting place to be. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of the continual delivery of new functionality that helps provide the customer with positive ROI. An ecommerce platform needs continual change and a busy release schedule is a great indication that real value is being delivered.

I think the next big think in digital is going to be the Artificial Intelligence power of Google search applied to retail websites. The first product returned will be the best match based on what Google knows about you and your previous searches. Intrusive but useful!

My 21st-century problem is not having enough internet connectivity, especially when I’m sitting on a train. If I could have a super-power it would be not needing to sleep, but then I would need 24-hour energy, so maybe that’s two super-powers!

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