Ratan Lal Meena

Hybris Commerce Lead, India

I am a Senior Consultant and my job is to liaise with our clients, gathering information from them, providing estimates and leading the development team in delivering their projects.

I chose to work at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, as we are the market leaders and specialists in providing ecommerce solutions. Here at Wunderman Thompson Commerce I use my expertise and knowledge of ecommerce and integrations to deliver world-class shopping solutions to our clients.

At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of my contribution towards our Intershop solution and as the Hybris Practice Lead and Integration specialist. It is great to work for clients like Videocon, Staples, Asian Paints, SAP Labs, TomTom, Xerox and many more.

My 21st-century problem? When your phone tells you how far from home you are even though you didn’t ask it to…

The connected nature of the Internet of Things will drive many of the next big things in digital - here’s an example:

You scan yourself with your phone and browse the products of a physical store; only relevant products for you are visible based on the scan and other personal details. You also get an assistant to explain the product or check things and share comparison with similar products for you. You add products to the basket and visit the store only to try and buy.

The moment you place the product in your hand, the store owner knows that now you are checking or trying the product. Once selected your billing happens automatically and you get a mobile notification for payment. You make the payment and walk out of the store. And the store exit gate only opens if you have made payment for all the products with you or you have no product.