Richard Benschop

PIM Consultant, Netherlands

Each day I help organisations to strengthen the backbone of their digital strategy by implementing solid product information management systems.

As a PIM consultant, I advise companies on how to organise their Product Information Management System in order to fulfil their data governance demands. I also play an active role during the requirements gathering phase in projects, and translate requirements into functional and technical descriptions for our development team in India. I also like to be as hands-on as possible when it comes to facilitating workshops, organising interviews, software demonstrations, training and solving day-to-day issues.

I have recently joined the Wunderman Thompson Commerce team; Wunderman Thompson Commerce has a reputation for delivering successful ecommerce projects time and time again. It also has a clear vision in which PIM will enable companies to strengthen their digital success.

What I really like about Wunderman Thompson Commerce is that the company is small and local enough to be really customer orientated and large enough to deliver big projects in an international setting. I love the spirit amongst my colleagues here. We all follow the same belief – ‘only with a good team can you reach the highest goals’. I feel that we are a good team. Even when we are working remotely, we still remain close.

Data governance is the next big thing in digital. Data is becoming more and more important for everyone in business. We are all going to start to rely more on data - reliable data that is instantly available for a single point of truth. This is THE foundation of every digital strategy.

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