Richard Milner-Watts

Infrastructure Architect, UK - Watford

I’m responsible for the infrastructure design of Wunderman Thompson Commerce's solutions, along with developing the tooling we use to build and deploy the systems we maintain for our customers. I work with IBM Websphere Commerce and Magento as well as Microsoft Commerce Server (now known as SiteCore Commerce Server) and various custom Java ecommerce platforms.

Joining Wunderman Thompson Commerce gave me the opportunity to work with new technologies and gain experience with other ecommerce platforms. It’s great to deliver something – to see all my work come together to produce a solution in its entirety.

I believe the Next Big Thing in the digital world will be virtual reality. I think it will be a game-changer in how we use home computers. It will start with home entertainment, but I foresee it branching out into the shopping experience among other things.

My 21st century problem? I never have a big enough computer screen for all the windows I have open. And as for what I’d put in Room 101 – that would be AIX. Those old UNIX operating systems should be taken out back and shot.

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