Sabine Bohmer

Business Analyst, UK - Watford

Whilst the day-to-day is varied, my role as a consultant is ultimately focused on helping Wunderman Thompson Commerce customers develop their online strategies and get the best results for their business.

Joining Wunderman Thompson Commerce wasn’t a difficult decision for me. I wanted to work in an agency that puts customer satisfaction and innovation at the top of the list. Wunderman Thompson Commerce also has a proven success factor shown by its loyal, high profile customer base.

I get a buzz out of seeing the work we do across the company help customers achieve great things for their businesses, and knowing our customers trust our expertise.

The next big thing in digital? Dynamic pricing: setting prices at different levels depending on the willingness to pay. It’s already happening in the airline industry (sending consumers scurrying for the best ticket prices) but Big Data combined with improved analytics and enhanced dynamic pricing software will bring this pricing strategy to other industries as well.

If I could have a super-power, it would be time travel! I would go on holiday over and over again and still have a few days of annual leave left.

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