Sandeep Mahajan

Chief Technology Officer EMEA, Netherlands

I am responsible for the Technology Office here in the Netherlands, which includes architecture and solutions, innovation, quality improvements and collaborating within the company and externally in all areas to do with technology. I am also on the management team.

What initially attracted me to working with Wunderman Thompson Commerce was the opportunity to work with an innovative company in ecommerce. Collaborating with our offshore team in India also gave me the opportunity to work with another culture, and now that we are part of Wunderman Thompson Commerce, it has given me an even broader perspective with an additional culture to work alongside.

At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of working with the business teams and architects at the large accounts and the challenges of keeping both sides equally satisfied.

I think the next big thing in digital will be microservices. Microservices are keeping us really busy and it is an area that sounds really promising, especially when we can use them to combine data from all the different channels and develop new services out of that.

My 21st century problem is not having a self-driving car. It would be great to be able to utilise my travel time by doing something useful or relaxing.

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