Stuart Heggie

Optimisation Consultant, Australia

As a CRO Manager, I work closely with clients to identify areas where they could improve a user’s experience, boost a conversion funnel or improve business processes. Based on research, test cases and collaborative efforts, I help to prescribe and deliver a pathway to achieving the desired results, and I often help to implement those changes.

I was attracted to working at Wunderman Thompson Commerce as the Melbourne team seemed like a diverse and fun environment to be in. Wunderman Thompson Commerce has a number of local and international clients, and the opportunity to create some change was too good to pass. I get a buzz out of learning on the job. I didn’t come here with an IBM commerce background – I’ve had to quickly learn about all the moving parts that combine to create these solutions.

My 21st-century problem is anything Bluetooth – that technology was doomed from the start. If I could have a super-power it would be telekinesis without a doubt.

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