Vinay Singh

Director of Operations - India, India

I am the Director of Operations at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, India and my role is foreseeing client deliveries, which should lead to client delight, planning & prioritising improvement areas in operations and keeping track of technology and domain trends.

I chose to work at Wunderman Thompson Commerce , for it’s niche business position and focus in ecommerce. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of working with a diverse set of customers across different geographies and sectors.

I think the next big thing in digital is going to be data & intelligence to provide personalised experiences by understanding customer needs and behaviours across all touch points.

My 21st century problem is catering to the varying needs of a digitally divided and diverse audience.

If I could put something into Room 101 it would be marketing. I would love to see ‘unmarketing’. Marketing has become more of a noise and is making clients feel that they are missing out but creating a fear for something. Of course Wunderman Thompson Commerce does its own marketing but we always aim to make it relevant and valuable without adding to the noise levels.

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