Wijnand van der Vlies

Ecommerce Consultant, Netherlands

My main role as a consultant is to analyse our customers business and IT landscape. In collaboration with our designers and developers, I translate our customer needs into requirements.

During the implementation, I’m responsible for client communication and I support the team with testing. During delivery, I train our clients to use our ecommerce solutions

I want to work at Wunderman Thompson Commerce since the company is the ecommerce expert in the Netherlands. This is THE work environment to learn new ecommerce skills. Working at Wunderman Thompson Commerce helps me to develop myself as an IT and digital marketing professional.

I expect digital disruption to take place in transportation. I think that self-driving vehicles will transform transport and improve productivity. In turn, this will also have a big impact on e-commerce. Low cost and easy delivery of goods (wherever and whenever) is going to be important for the broader acceptance of online shopping.

If I could put something into Room 101 it would be traffic jams! I can’t wait for the disruption is transportation!

My 21st Century problem is Siri talking to me in the middle of a meeting!