Informatica is the world’s largest independent provider of data integration software. Organisations rely on it to hit their business objectives time and time again. This varies from data of various devices and mobile applications for big data and social data to on-premise solutions, cloud-solutions and social media platforms.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce has been an expert in designing complex PIM-systems as part of Master Data Management (MDM) within large organisations since 2008. With a dedicated team of PIM-experts we have helped numerous customers operating across industries to get the best out of their product data. Read our PIM Whitepaper and learn more about how PIM can support your business by creating the best customer experience.

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What's in it for you?

Informatica’s Product 360 is a tried and tested tool which can be used to quickly and easily process your product data. At the same time it offers retailers, manufacturers and distributors the possibility to easily manage their product data from one single source in a variety of communication channels and languages. With that in mind, a central and accurate designed platform for product information management can eventually result in:

  • More orders thanks to increased ecommerce conversion rates (+22%)
  • Higher profits with higher margins when using a long tail strategy (+44%)
  • Improved customer retention and brand loyalty (+15%)
  • Up to 10 times faster time-to-market


If robust, extensive product data is becoming more important for your business, Informatica Product 360 is the tool to manage it. It's the ideal solution too when you increasingly sell your products internationally, with the volume of product information growing accordingly. The PIM information technology also helps you to comply with different laws, regulations and languages in the countries where you sell abroad.

Data in itself is nothing. Only when it is put into context it creates value. Then the data becomes information and content that matters. And that's just what Informatica Product 360 does.


Head of Product Management & Marketing