Our Watford office was purpose built, so it works in the way we like to work. Its open plan working, we have desks, tables, booths and standing areas. If you have a preference, we probably have it! There are regular stand-ups and team meets, and the teams have an agile approach to their working. We are a creative bunch and we encourage the diversity and experience of our teams to bring the best to our clients. We work hard, but get to play on occasion as well.

Right at the centre of the building is the Heart Hub, the centre of our business where people join together for coffee, lunch and social events. This is a space where people can catch up with colleagues and enjoy some of the many breakfasts, fruit and cakes that ‘appear’ on a regular basis.

We have ‘The Cloud’, a roof terrace where you can go to relax, work in the, sunshine or have informal barbeques with your teams. A great place to watch the sun go down over Watford!

Finally, we have the ‘The Playground’, an area where you can play computer games, do exercise classes, or play a competitive game of table tennis with your colleagues. Watch out, they take no prisoners!

Moorgate - London

The first thing and arguably one of the most important things you need to know about the Moorgate office is that it is much more than an office, it is a community. Think of it as going to a mate’s house. Now, no offence to your friends but this house is filled with highly productive, funny, driven, smart and some slightly off the cuff people. They are an eclectic mix, which is one of the many reasons why the Moorgate office is a great place to work.

You need to know that it is a space where great things get done. It is a place where you are challenged, supported, and celebrated. Here, you go beyond the ordinary, challenge the status quo if you will. You do it for you, for us and for our clients. When you are your best, we are our best! That is why we focus on learning, learning from each other and together.

It is a place where your desk buddy might change from day to day, we like to hot desk. But hey, we are always up for a chat and an okay cup of coffee. The views of London from the 19th floor make up for the coffee – those sun rises and sun sets! If coffee is not your thing, we also do beer, play pool, game nights, and have a cocktail club. It is a community; we work and socialise together. We also like food A LOT - we are foodies.